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I’ve been wondering where one’s childlike purity has gone when he or she grows up. To find the answer, I read The Little Prince, which is a fairy tale for adult and fable about life, written by Antoine de Saint Exupéry.The story of The Little Prince is about a prince from an asteroid named B-612, which is a fairly small one, with three volcanoes and a rose on it. The prince spent his days caring for his "planet", sweeping the volcanoes and pulling out the baobab trees that would make his little planet turn to dust if they were not removed. However, he was lonely. He watched the sunset every time he was down. He had seen the sunset forty-three times in a day, for endless loneliness and sadness filled up his heart. Fortunately, a beautiful rose enriched his life. She loved the distressed prince, while the prince loved her sincerely as well. Unluckily, the sensitive prince once doubted about love due to the rose’s anger, and he left his rose as well as his planet to start his lonely journey.After visiting six other asteroids, he came to the earth. He met a fox and tamed it. It was the fox who taught the prince that his rose was in a class by herself. The prince began to realized that he was tamed by his rose, he responsible for her. As a result, he was eager to see his rose again, but he found himself unable to leave the earth. Finally, the prince chose to go back to his asteroid with the snake’s bite, though he felt afraid of pains.Every time I read The Little Prince, I am moved by the prince’s attitude toward the world. It is his attitude that brings my sincerity and innocence back. Because of the story of the little prince, I have learnt to live a peaceful life with hope, gentleness, touching, and responsibility about tameness in my hear本文地址:小王子英文读后感作文300字
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