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1、彩笔耕耘寒暑忙,蚕丝吐尽美名扬。红烛照亮学子路,春雨滴灌育华章。山川添秀诗书润,教染银河笔砚香。春播弟子三千万,秋收硕果定留香。教师节快快乐! The brush work is busy, the United States famous silk spit. The candle lit students, rain drip Yu Hua zhang. The mountains show Tim poem run, teach with the Milky Way pen Yan hong. In spring thirty million disciples, autumn fruit set. Happy Teacher's day! 2、若我是平民,您就是平民的老师;若我是ceo,您就是ceo的老师;若我是总统,您就是总统的老师;不管我人生的路将是怎样,我都会永远尊敬您,老师!初涉知识海洋的我,差点儿“窒息”,是您——老师,默默地给我补充知识的“氧气”,无私但无价。成功源自您的栽培,优秀出自您的耕耘。为今天喝彩的同时,我们永远铭记您当初的教诲和箴言! If I was a civilian, you are the teacher of the civilians; if I was CEO, you are the CEO of teacher; if I were president, you are the president of the teacher; regardless of the way of my life would be what, I will always respect you, teacher! In the ocean of knowledge, almost choking, is you - the teacher, silently give me knowledge of the oxygen and selfless but priceless. Success comes from your cultivation, excellent from your hard work. Cheer for today, we will always remember your original teachings and proverbs! 3、教师节到了,我把百合花的纯洁康乃馨的温馨风信子的喜悦香石竹的热心桂花的吉祥一起揉入到我的短信祝福里送你,愿你快乐,生活无忧。 To the teacher's day, I put the enthusiastic sweet scented osmanthus Lily pure carnation warm hyacinth joy of carnation lucky with the rub into my SMS blessing to send you, wish you happy, worry free life. 4、师恩永难忘——深深祝福您节日快乐!永远快乐! You never forget - deeply wish you a happy holiday! Happy forever! 5、面朝大海,春暖花开,面对老师,宽慰踏实。老师!您就像天上的雄鹰教会了我飞翔;像及时的甘霖滋润了我的成长。诚挚祝你节日愉快! Facing the sea, with spring flowers, facing the teacher, relieved. teacher! You are like the eagle taught me to fly; like timely showers watering my growth. Sincere wish you a happy holiday! 6、辛勤的汗水是您无私的奉献,桃李满天下是您最高的荣誉。祝您:节日快乐!幸福永远! Hard is the sweat of your selfless dedication, students everywhere is the highest honor you. I wish you: happy holidays! Happiness forever! 7、一闭眼一睁眼就毕业了,如今站在校园外,回想起往日情景,历历在目,无比怀念。怀念教给。 A closed eyes on graduation, now stood outside the campus, reminiscent of the past scene, visible before the eyes, so miss. Miss teach. 8、教师节谨祝:快乐像同学校友越来越多,烦恼像学校福利越来越少,友谊像领导讲话越来越长,祝福像突击检查说到就到,祝老同学教师节快乐! Teacher's day, I wish: happy as alumni more and more, worry less like the school welfare, friendship, like the leadership of the speech is more and more long, like a surprise check it to, I wish the teacher happy Teacher's day! 9、曾经,我们调皮捣蛋的围在您身边,现在,我们将展翅飞翔放飞梦想,但心中从不曾忘记对老师的挂念,您的鼓励将是我们前进的动力,祝您教师节快乐。 Once, around on your side we are naughty and mischievous, now we will fly dream of flying, but never mind had forgotten the teacher Miss, your encouragement is our forward momentum, I wish you, the teacher Festival is happy. 10、苍天可老,海水可翻,孺子可教,顽石可琢。这一切都要归功于我们敬爱的老师们。今天是教师节,我祝愿天下所有的老师心情愉快,身体健康,桃李满天下! Heaven can be old, seawater can be turned, teachable, stone can be cut. All this thanks to our beloved teachers. Today is teacher's day, I wish all the teachers happy world, healthy body, all right! 11、这个搞笑教师节祝福语就是属于我们凡人的了:我代表不了党和中央,也代表不了地方,但我能代表我家的菜帮帮,树桩桩,瓜秧秧,面汤汤,致以问候一筐筐:祝您教师节快乐哦! The funny teachers' Day greetings is belong to us mortals the: I can not represent the party and the central, also on behalf of local, but I can help on behalf of my family's vegetables, trees pile, guayang seedlings, noodle soup, greet a basket basket: Happy Teacher's day happy! 12、老师:在新春之际,学生送你一幅对联:两袖清风琴剑书画文韬武略,一身正气列毛邓教书育人。 Teacher: on the occasion of the new year, the students gave you a couplet: uncorrupted Qin Jian painting wentaowulve, upright Marxism Leninism Mao and Deng imparting knowledge and educating people. 13、您是严冬的炭火,是酷暑里的浓荫伞,湍流中的踏脚石,是雾海中的航标灯——老师啊,您言传身教,育人有方,甘为人梯,令人难忘! You are the winter of charcoal is the heat inside the shade umbrella, turbulence in the stepping stone, is the beacon light of sea fog: teacher ah, your words and deeds, and educating people, Gan human ladder, unforgettable! 14、投之以桃,报之以李。老师,我不会忘了您的谆谆教诲。 Come back. Teacher, I will not forget your inculcation. 15、教师节又到了,想起老师的绝招:一颗粉笔百步穿杨;一根教鞭指引行踪;一张巧嘴通晓天下;一双眼睛透视咱们的心胸。真怀念老师和他的绝世神功! Teacher's day again, think of the teacher's ace in the hole: a piece of chalk archery; a root pointer guidelines whereabouts; a clever mouth familiar with the world; a pair of eyes perspective our minds. I really miss the teacher and his peerless magic! 16、老师!我以后也要当老师! teacher! I want to be a teacher! 17、老师您是伟大的,像一支蜡烛照亮别人燃烧自己。祝您教师节快乐,保重身体! The teacher you are great, like a candle lights others to burn themselves. I wish you a happy Teacher's day, take care of your body! 18、千言万语,道不尽那年哪月那日;万水千山,隔不断缕缕师恩。 Not as much as that thousands and thousands of words, which month that day; every time you continuously the trials of a long journey. 19、敬爱的老师,感谢您曾经的悉心教诲,感谢您曾经的指点迷津,值此教师佳节,祝福您身体健康,幸福快乐,万事如意! Dear teacher, thank you once the meticulous teachings. Thank you once Zhidianmijin. On the occasion of the festival of the teachers, bless you good health and happiness, good luck in everything! 20、在千载难逢的年月日教师节里,在这个大“顺”的日子里,祝您工作顺利,生活顺利,事业顺利,生意顺利,入学顺利,事事都顺利! In the golden year, month, day, teacher's day, in the "CIS" day, I wish you to work smoothly, smooth life, successful career, business success, success in school, everything is smooth! 21、对您的感激千言万语也无法表达,对您的祝福百十万年也不会改变――老师,祝您万事如意! Gratitude to your thousands and thousands of words can not express, to you the blessing of hundreds of thousands of years will not change -- the teacher, I wish you good luck in everything! 22、有一天某教授突然停止授课对大家说:如果坐在中间谈天的同学能像坐在后面玩牌的那样安静的话,那么在前面睡觉的就不会受干扰了。 Have a day a professor suddenly stop teaching for all of us said: if sit in chat in the middle of the students like to sit in the back playing as a quiet, so in front of sleep would not be affected by the interference of the. 23、教师节至,愿天下所有的老师:快乐随你一年中的每一天,平安伴你一天中的每一时,健康牵你一时中的每一分,幸福陪你一分中的每一秒! Teacher's day, wish all the teachers in the world: happy with you every day of the year, peace with you every moment of the day, the health of every moment you hold in a moment, happiness with you a minute of every second! 24、我还记得有一次校长他们来我们班听课,你为了弄好一些资料,一晚上没有睡觉,过了第二天你的眼圈有点黑黑的。你真是辛苦啊,老师。 I still remember the president they will come to our class, you to make some of the information, not a night to sleep. After the second day you are black rim of the eye is black. You really hard ah, the teacher. 25、教师节到了,为此我已经烦恼好久了,想谢恩师却不知道如何表示了,天天在为买礼物苦恼了,眼看节日就到了,只好发条短信祝福了,祝您节日快乐! To the teacher's day. Therefore I have trouble for a long time to thank the teacher did not know how to express the, every day to buy gifts distress, seeing the festival arrived, had no choice but to Clockwork SMS blessed, I wish your festival happiness! 26、见过蜜蜂在花朵小憩,却没见过您课堂休息;见过大海发怒,却没见过您生气;亲爱的老师,我用真心祝福来表达对谢意;祝您教师节快乐! Seen bees rest at the flowers, but have never seen the rest of your class; seen the sea anger, but have not seen you angry; my dear teacher, I sincerely wish to express thanks; I wish you, the teacher Festival is happy! 27、老师,您是我们人生海洋里的一座港湾,疲惫的时候您为我们补充力量。老师是久旱过后的一场细雨,给我们无微不至的呵护与浇灌,教师节,祝你节日快乐。 Teacher, you are our life in the ocean of a harbor, when you are tired of our strength. The teacher is a rain after drought, we give the meticulous care and watering, teacher's day, I wish you a happy holiday. 28、你是平凡的,你是特别的,只愿平凡与特别伴随于你!平凡+特别=幸福,快乐! You are extraordinary, you are special, extraordinary and special Zhiyuan accompanied by you! Ordinary + special = happiness, happiness! 29、老师你是我一生最难忘的人,因为有了你,让我的生活出现了乐趣,有了你我的人生出现转折,谢谢你。 Teacher you are the most unforgettable person in my life, because of you, let my life have fun, with you my life is a turning point, thank you. 30、教师是辛勤的园丁,用才华播种,用粉笔耕耘,用汗水灌溉,用心灵滋润,你是我心目中美丽神圣的天使。向敬爱的老师说声,辛苦了,教师节快乐! Teachers are hard gardener, with the talent to sow, with chalk work, with sweat irrigation, with the heart, you are my heart of the beautiful holy angel. Say to the beloved teacher, hard, happy Teacher's day! 31、一路上有您的教导,才不会迷失方向;一路上有您的关注,才更加的自信勇敢老师,谢谢您! Along the way to have your teachings, will not be lost, along the way there is your attention, just more confident and brave teacher, thank you! 32、您是大桥,为我们连接被割断的山峦,让我们走向收获的峰巅;您是青藤,坚韧而修长,指引我们采撷到崖顶的灵芝和人参。 You are the bridge, for our connection was severed at the mountains, let us to harvest peaks; you are ivy, tough and slender, guide us to gather to the top of the cliff of Ganoderma lucidum and ginseng. 33、十年树木,百年树人,您是人类灵魂的工程师;三百六十行,行行都有您的足迹。教师节将至,祝福老师身体健康,桃李满天下! It takes a hundred years, you are the engineers of human souls; three hundred and sixty lines, line with your footprint. Teacher's Day is approaching, wish the teacher health, students everywhere! 34、老师是海,带你在知识的海洋中翱翔;老师是山,是你伤心落寞时依靠的臂弯。今天教师节,只想告诉您一声:老师,您辛苦了,注意身体!教师节快乐! The teacher is the sea, take you flying in the ocean of knowledge; the teacher is a mountain, is to rely on arms when you feel sad and lonely. Today, teacher's day, just want to tell you: the teacher, you work hard, pay attention to the body! Happy Teacher's day! 35、对您的感激千言万语也无法表达,对您的祝福百十万年也不会改变——老师,祝您万事如意! Gratitude to your thousands and thousands of words can not express, to you the blessing of hundreds of thousands of years will not change - the teacher, I wish you good luck in everything! 36、从前,是您走到我面前,为我解答疑难问题。如今,请让我走到您面前,为您掸去身上的粉笔灰。在教师节来临时之际,让我真诚的祝福您:老师,节日快乐。 Once upon a time, you came to me, to answer questions for me. Now, please let me come to you, for you to brush off the body of the chalk dust. On the occasion of teacher's day, let me sincerely wish you: teacher, happy holidays. 37、传一肚知识,授满身智慧,播无限希望,种万家幸福。老师,您就是这样伟大而无私,我崇拜您,敬仰您,感谢您! Pass a belly of knowledge, teach all over the body wisdom, sow infinite hope, kind of ten thousand happiness. Teacher, you are such a great and selfless, I worship you, respect you, thank you! 38、讲台上,书桌旁,寒来暑往,春夏秋冬,撒下心血点点。辛苦了,我的老师,爱是不能忘记的!老师,谢谢您! On the podium, desk, seasons, and as summer goes and winter comes, a little bit of effort. Hard, my teacher, love is not to forget! Thank you, sir! 39、教师节,祝天下老师您们节日快乐。读万卷书,读懂你高尚的情怀,行万里路,明白你无私的精神,老师,人类灵魂的工程师。教师节,祝你幸福无边! Teacher's day, I wish the world teachers you happy holidays. Read ten thousand books, read your noble sentiments, thousands of miles, understand your selfless spirit, the teacher, the human soul engineer. Teacher's day, I wish you happiness! 40、这么远的距离,无礼物、无大餐,只有我深情的祝福,我恨不能一下子变成短信,通过电波、跨过高山,扎进您的手机,轻轻地对您说:“教师节快乐! So far in the distance, no gifts, no dinner, only my affectionate blessing: I wish I could suddenly became short, through the waves, across the mountains, plunged into the your phone, gently say to you: "teacher's day happy! 41、教师节到了,向帮过我的朋友,见过我的粉丝,请过我吃饭的兄弟姐妹,夸过我才貌双全的美眉帅哥等良师益友们说声:谢谢!祝教师节快乐! Teacher's Day arrived, to help my friends and met my fans. Please eat my brothers and sisters, I am endowed with both boast Meimei guy and so a mentor who say: Thank you! Happy Teachers' day! 42、欣赏着校园里独特的青春,吟唱着心中不悔的歌谣,你站在岁月的箭头,撑一支向上的长篙,在知识的海洋里,带领我们向更深处漫溯。亲爱的老师,教师节快乐。 Enjoy a unique youth on campus, singing songs in the hearts of not regret, you stand in the time's arrow, hold a branch to the long pole, in the ocean of knowledge, to lead us to deeper inundate traces. Dear teacher, happy Teacher's day. 43、教师节,在这幸福、温馨而又激动的节日,我代表莘莘学子捧出我们最纯真、最真挚、最热烈的心,祝关心、爱护我们成长的您节日快乐、幸福安康! Teacher's day, in this happy, warm and exciting festival, on behalf of the numerous students holding out our most pure, the most sincere, the most warm heart, I wish, cherish and take care of us to grow your festival happiness, happiness and good health! 44、九月秋高气爽,人人身心舒畅;九月细雨蒙蒙,日子缠绵多情;九月蓝天白云,生活舒服称心;九月莺飞燕舞,抛开烦恼疾苦;九月如期到来,尽情抒写情怀;九月如期到来,寄托相思情爱;九月如期到来,挑选日子送关怀,十号是个好时间,教师节日在这天,短信送上好祝愿! September autumn, everyone relaxed; September drizzle, day lingering affection; September blue sky and white clouds, the life is comfortable and satisfied; September Orioles Chebi dance, despite hardships trouble; September scheduled arrival, enjoy expressing feelings; September scheduled arrival, pinned Acacia love; nine months scheduled arrival, the selection of the day care, the number ten is a good time, teacher's day on this day, SMS send good wishes! 45、从未做过贼,却想偷个幸福给你!从没坑过人,却想骗个快乐给你!从未害过谁,却想拐个开心给你!从没赖过谁,却想抢个平安给你!老师,教师节快乐! Never been a thief, but want to steal a happiness to you! Never hang people, but want to cheat a happy to you! Never hurt anyone, but want to turn a happy to you! Who has never been to, but would like to grab a peace to you! Teacher, happy Teacher's day! 46、秋天,一个多么多情的季节。温暖的夕阳下,我们总会想起儿时的故事,想起青春的岁月。也想起了我们身边那些默默奉献多年的老师——致辛勤一生的老师! Autumn, a season of how passionate. Under the warm sun, we always think of the story of childhood, the youth of the years. Also think of our side of those who have dedicated many years of dedication to the teacher - the hard life of the teacher! 47、教师和学生一直都处于对立与包容的双方面,但是在此教师节来临的时候,给培育自己的老师献上一份祝福,是最好不过的礼物了,希望能让老师幸福安康。 Teachers and students are still in a confrontation with the inclusion of two aspects, but in this teacher's Day is coming, to cultivate their own teachers presented a blessing is but the best gift, hope can let the well-being of teachers. 48、秋风落叶轻拂过,宛如当年您敦厚的手慈祥的话语,给我最温柔的抚慰最诚挚的教化!祝福您,亲爱的老师!——曾经给我阳光雨露春风的老师! Clean sweep across, like when your wonderful hand kind words, give me the most gentle comfort the most sincere enlightenment作文http://Www.ZuoWen8.coM/! Bless you, my dear teacher! - who gave me the sun and rain spring teacher! 49、两只小鬼讨论教师节送什么礼物。小鬼:我送一束花。大小鬼:你这样不把你老师吓坏才怪。发条短信吧。三尺讲台显你英资,一条短信祝你开心! On Teachers' day two imp what gift. Kid: I send a bunch of flowers. Size: you don't freak out your teacher. Spring sms. Three feet of the podium is a message you, wish you happy! 50、虽然过了这么多年,可是我对老师您的敬仰依然如涛涛江水,连绵不绝……送上我的祝福,祝节日快乐,万事如意! Although after so many years, but I still admire your teacher as Taotao, in an unbroken line...... To send my wishes, I wish a happy holiday, good luck in everything! 51、您用汗水浇灌每一个幼小的心灵,用热情孕育每一个脆弱的生命,用爱心呵护每一个稚嫩的臂膀,用关爱扶持每一个成长的背影,再多的言语也不能表达对您的感谢,亲爱的老师,祝您教师节快乐! You sweat watering every young heart, with the enthusiasm of pregnant each a fragile life, love, care for each a tender arms, with love and support a growing back, no amount of words can not express thanks to you, dear teacher, I wish you, the teacher festival music! 52、你让精神的田园开满知识的花朵,你让求知的路途弥漫智慧的芬芳,你让成长的旅途沐浴关爱的春风,老师,是你让我们的人生变得更加美好,节日快乐。 You let the spirit of the garden with knowledge of flowers, spring fragrance you make learning journey filled with wisdom, you let growing journey bath care, the teacher, you let our life more beautiful and happy holiday. 53、一路上有您的教导,才不会迷失方向;一路上有您的关注,才更加自信勇敢,老师,谢谢您! Along the way to have your teachings, will not be lost, along the way there is your attention, just more confident and brave, teacher, thank you! 54、老师―感念的季节风吹过我的眼眸雨落在心中几番幕起又幕落忍不住又忆起童年往事悄悄问候您。 Teacher: gratitude for the seasonal wind blows through my eyes rain fall in heart repeated curtain and off screen and not help but recall the past quietly regards to your childhood. 55、昨天您是我的老师,今天您还是我的老师,明天您仍然是我的老师!昨天的您用真理和智慧把人才塑造,而今天的我要倾一腔热血镀人类灵魂。饮其流者怀其源,学有成时念吾师! Yesterday you were my teacher, today you are my teacher, you are still my teacher tomorrow! Yesterday, you use the truth and wisdom to shape the talent, and today I want to pour a cavity blood plated human soul. Drinking water with its source, learn to read plato! 56、你把我像春天的幼苗灌养,用夏天的甘泉把我培养,看着我秋天收获的辉煌,心如冬雪纯洁把我赞扬;谢谢你,可敬的老师,祝你教师节快乐! You to I like spring seedling feeding, with summer oasis to train me, I looked at the autumn harvest of brilliant, the heart like winter snow pure to praise me; thank you, a respectable teacher, I wish you teacher's day happy! 57、教师节,在这特殊的日子里,愿我的祝福如鲜花般,盛开在这灿烂的金秋时节,为你的生活点缀着欢乐,散发着温馨,荡漾着幸福,收获着甜蜜。 Teacher's day, in this special day, may I wish like flowers, blooming in the bright autumn, for your life dotted with joy, exudes a warm, rippling with happiness and reap the harvest of sweet. 58、我知识的老师,如今教师节到了,我要对老师说声教师节,教师节,节日快乐,生活幸福!教师节快乐! I have knowledge of the teacher, and now the teacher's Day is up, I want to say to the teacher, teacher's day, teacher's day, happy holiday, happy life! Happy Teacher's day! 59、老师的窗前,有一棵米兰,悄然绽放,清香悠远;老师的窗前,有一盏灯光,与月亮相拥,赶走了黑暗。教师节到了,老师,祝您万事如意。 The teacher's window, a tree Milan, quietly blooming, fragrant and distant; teacher's window, the light of a lamp, and the moon embracing, driving out darkness. Teacher's Day is up, sir, I wish you all the best. 60、曾经数得尽分数,却数不尽您的教诲;如今数得尽钞票,却数不尽您的恩情;谆谆教诲,如影随形,伴我今生,刻骨铭心。在节日里想对您说声:谢谢您,您辛苦了!教师节快乐!! Once counted as fraction, but not as much as your teachings; now count money, but not as much as your kindness; inculcate, shadow, with my life, unforgettable. In the festival would like to say: Thank you, you have worked hard! Happy Teacher's day!! 61、教师节到了,送您一条飘着书生味的祝福,愿您烦恼高阶无穷小,好运连续且可导,理想一定洛必达,生活不单调,道路不凹凸,金钱导函数大于零,快乐极限无穷大! To the teacher's day, to send you a floating student flavor of blessing, wish you worry higher order infinitesimal, the luck is continuous and derivable, ideal L'Hospital, life is not monotonous, roads do not bump money guide function is greater than zero, happy infinite limit! 62、亲爱的老师,您就象那春天的细雨,滋润着我们的心田。您给予我们的爱和关怀将鼓舞着我们走过艰难困苦。 Dear teacher, you are like the spring rain, nourishing our hearts. Love and care you have given us will encourage us to go through difficulties and hardships. 63、在这个特别的日子里,我想对老师您说声:老师节日快乐!愿您在今后的日子里健康快乐! On this special day, I want to say to the teacher: Happy Teacher's day! Wish you health and happiness in the days to come! 64、最亲进的是父母兄弟,最爱的是老婆孩子,最难忘的则是老师您了。是您让我懂得世界和人生。教师节到了,祝您工作顺心、万事随心、天天开心! The most pro into the parents brothers, the most love is the wife and children, the most memorable is the teacher you. Is you let me know the world and life. The teacher's day, I wish you well and good heart, happy every day! 65、时逢教师佳节,学生借手机短信息表达最真诚的祝福:愿老师永远青春永驻,魅力四射,考试的时候睁一只眼闭一只眼。 Every teacher Festival, students use mobile phone short message expressed the most sincere blessing: the teacher is willing to stay young forever, glamorous, examination time open one eye closed eye. 66、祝福是真心意,不用千言,不用万语,默默唱着心曲,祝教师节日快乐! The blessing is really mind, not a thousand words, no words, silently singing song, happy Teachers' day! 67、您把我们当成一只风筝,过去将我们抓紧,添上坚强的羽翼,现在,您松开双臂,让我们自由自在的远行,但牵挂却从不曾忘记,老师,教师节快乐。 You treat me as a kite in the past and will be we pay close attention to and add strong wings. Now, you loosen to open a pair of arms, let us free travel, but worried about never forgot, teacher, teacher's day happy. 68、教师节为您赋诗:千辛万苦育新人,千家万户把您夸,千言万语道不尽,千桃万李满天下!一日为师,终身为父,心中一直都感激您,祝您节日快乐! Teacher's day for you to write a poem: hardships to cultivate new talents, tens of thousands of households to praise you, no words can do, thousand peach million man in the world! A teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime, the heart has been grateful to you, I wish you a happy holiday! 69、愿老师每天开心,桃李天下;教书育人,自得其乐;馨德永流传!师恩重如山,学生不敢忘。借国际教师节送上一份祝福,我从幼稚走向成熟,离不开您的谆谆教导,千言万语一声“谢谢”,您是我永远的老师,永远的朋友。 Wish the teacher happy every day, and the world; teaching, as a pleasurable occupation; Xin Deyong spread! You can't forget the students as heavy as a mountain. Borrow the teacher's day to send a blessing, I from naive to mature, can not be separated from your earnest teachings, a thousand words a sound "thank you", you are a teacher I will never, forever friends. 70、秋风落叶轻拂过宛如当年您敦厚的手慈祥的话给我最温柔的抚慰最诚挚的教化。祝福您亲爱的老师。 Clean sweep brush like when your hand kindly gave me the most gentle comfort the most sincere enlightenment. Bless you dear teacher. 71、成功源自您的栽培,优秀出自您的耕耘。为今天喝彩的同时,我们永远铭记您当初的教诲和箴言! Success comes from your cultivation, excellent from your hard work. Cheer for today, we will always remember your original teachings and proverbs! 72、您用谆谆教诲,传道解惑;您用智慧教鞭,点亮希望;您用执着态度,辛勤耕耘;您用满腔热忱,谱写人生。9。10教师节,祝老师们节日快乐,幸福永远! With inculcation, to preach to reassure you; you with the wisdom of the pointer, the lights of hope; you with persistent attitude, diligent; with enthusiasm you compose your life. 9. 10 teacher's day, I wish the teachers happy holidays, happiness forever! 73、曾经的一切又在脑海记起,好恨自己次次失之交臂,今天的天地作了铁证,因为您的生日,老师,我爱您,生日快乐! Once all and in mind remember, hate oneself again and again missed, today's world for hard evidence, because it's your birthday, teacher, I love you, happy birthday! 74、不计辛劳求奉献,三尺讲台夜灯长明,赤诚之心不一般,桃李天下香满人间,英才济济笑开颜。在即将教师节来临之计,柯泉全愿您和您的家人幸福美满安康永远! Regardless of the toil for dedication, three feet from the rostrum night ever burning lamps, sincere heart is not in general, plum the world full of incense in the world, talent unrivalled Kaiyan laugh. In the teacher's Day approaching, Ke Quanquan wish you and your family happy forever in Ankang! 75、您是一棵挺拔的树,曾结过成熟的果实,岁月在您的身上镌刻下苍老的年轮,您的身旁却崛起一片森林郁郁葱葱! You are a tall tree, the node has been mature fruit, years in your body engraved under the old ring, your side but the rise of a lush forest. 76、想念您,怀念您——老师!对您的怀念与祝福将与日俱增,好人一生平安! Miss you, miss you - the teacher! The memory of you and the blessing will grow day by day, the good life is safe! 77、当学子们硕果累累的时候,当桃李们庆祝胜利的时候,当我们即将走出校园的时候,当我们回眸看到您深情眼神的时候,向你致敬,无私奉献的老师!希望你快乐永远! When students are fruitful, when the peaches and plums are celebrated his victory, when we coming out of the campus, when we return to Mou to see your affectionate eyes, to pay tribute to you, selfless teacher! Wish you happy forever! 78、人生旅程上您为我点燃希望的光芒,丰富我的心灵,增添我的智慧。愿我的祝福像清茶滋润您干涸的喉咙,像蜡烛照亮您的办公室,像鲜花送给你一片清香! On the journey of life, you light the light of hope for me, enrich my heart, and add my wisdom. I would like to wish you like green tea moisture dry throat, like candles in your office, like a scent of flowers for you! 79、年少时不懂的珍惜,有这么好的一位老师在我面前,如果时间能够倒退我会说:“我一定要学好!”明天就教师节了,提前祝您节日快乐! When I do not understand the treasure, there is such a good teacher in front of me, if the time can be reversed, I will say: "I must learn!" Tomorrow is the teacher's day, I wish you a happy holiday in advance!本文地址:教师节英语祝福语
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