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1、What if your math is wrong?如果你的数学错了呢? 2、Are you the guy who stole my toothpaste?你是那个偷我牙膏的人? 3、You don't have a violent bone in your body。我知道你天性善良。 4、That's not like him。那不象是他的风格。 5、You have a habit of answering a question with a question。你很喜欢拿问题去回答别人的问题。 6、Let's call it a day。 决定或同意暂时或永久停止进行某事。 7、What you need to change your situation is just a gun and a friend。想改变你的情况,你只需要一把枪和一个朋友。 8、Well, for health reasons, information like that should be disseminated a little more pronto。唔,为我们的健康着想,这样的消息可应该早点发布。 9、I wasn't trying to escape。我没有试图逃跑。 10、I wasn't born yesterday。我又不是三岁小孩。 11、If we drill holes in strategic locations, we compromise the load-carrying capacity of the wall。如果我们在关键位置钻孔,墙的承重强度就会降低。 12、What was your name again? 请再说一次名字好吗? 13、I'm man from hell, puppy。 Now, I just gotta go to Vegas。我可是从地狱逃出来的!我现在就要去维加斯。 14、What do you want from the future?你将来想得到什么? 15、I remember the demons。 Maybe they were pilgrims。我记得魔鬼,也许他们是朝圣者。 16、You make it sound like a traffic infraction。你说的好像是交通违规似的。 17、Don't make me lie to you。不要逼我对你说谎。 18、I got a neuroanatomic lesion affecting my reticular activating system。我有神经管能上的损伤,影响了我的网状活化系统。 19、A guy doesn't drive a girl 500 miles across state lines because he wants to be friends。一个男的跨越州界驱车英里送一个女的恐怕不是为了交朋友吧。 20、I just shared a secret with you。 Now, it's your turn。我刚刚告诉你我的秘密了。轮到你了。 21、Men and women can't be friends。男人和女人不可能成为朋友。 22、I'll do anything you need。 You see these hands? They're digging machines。 You want to go to China? I'll get you to China。 I'll dig like a psychotic rodent if I have to。我会做你需要的任何事。你看到我的手了?这双手就是掘土机。你想到中国去?那我就帮你挖到中国去。我可以像土拨鼠一样疯狂挖洞! 23、It drives me crazy。它把握逼疯了。[drive:逼迫;迫使。 24、Whatever you got eating at you,you just give it up。无论什么事在折磨你,你就让它去吧。 25、Just have a little faith。活得有信念点! 26、Can you keep an eye on my bag?帮我看一下包好吗? 27、You are the boss。 你来决定吧! 28、It's a small world。世界真小! 29、Okay。 Now you gotta tell him that I filled in the hole。好吧。那你去告诉他,我已经填补了洞。 30、look at the man,when the guy woke up this morning,he was a white。嘿,早上这哥们还是个白人呢! 31、Noah had his ark, did he not?诺亚有他的方舟,不是么? 32、Yeah。当然! 33、I work for myself。我为我自己工作。 34、Does not a warm hand feel better than a cold shark?温暖的手不比冷酷的人好得多吗? 35、Take your time。慢慢来/别着急。 36、All of these will over。一切都会过的。 37、I mean, between the killers and the crazies, I'll take the crazies。如果你让我选杀人的还是疯子 我宁愿选疯子。 38、Often, the lord appears when you're in particular need of forgiveness。通常来说,当你特别需要宽恕的时候,主就会出现。 39、Sure you weren't。 You were just out there howling at the moon。你当然没有。你只是在外面对着月亮嚎而已。 40、Oh, the old sinner who was confined to these walls作文http://Www.ZuoWen8.coM/, he's dead。 The new soul deserves to be free。哦,过去高墙之内的那个罪人,他已经死了。新生的灵魂有他应得的自由。 41、Everyone turns up one sooner or later。人人迟早都会发生点意外。 42、Behavior like that will not be tolerated in my prison。在我的监狱,这样的行为是不能容忍的。 43、I'm mad about David Beckham。我迷死小贝了。 44、kneel only to God。 Don't see him here。我只向上帝下跪。他可不在这! 45、The first commandment is you got nothing coming。第一诫是你在这就是暗无天日。 46、What does that mean?那是什么意思? 47、How do I address you?我怎么称呼你? 48、He turns me off。他使我厌烦。 49、I'm crazy about rock music。 我对摇滚乐很着迷。 50、Don't get me wrong。 不要误解我! 51、This whole time, I was thinking it was Gandhi。我一直以为是甘地说的。 52、I believe in being part of the solution, not the problem。我的信条是成为解决问题的方法,而不是问题本身。 53、Haywire, do I look even vaguely familiar to you?Haywire, 你对我连一点模糊的印象都没有吗? 54、Would you care for a cup of coffee?要杯咖啡吗? 55、You got it。 你说对了。 56、Would you chase me if I did?如果我逃开了,你会来追我吗? 57、Would you run if I said you?如果我说是你,你会逃开吗? 58、Good, 'cause the Ten Commandments don't mean a box of piss in here。很好,因为十诫在这狗屁不值。 59、Did he say he's trying, or that he already got the blanks filled in?他说他在试,还是已经填上了? 60、There is a plan to make all of this right。有个计划可以让所有事情顺利。 61、If you don't like it, wait an hour。你要是不喜欢现在的天气,可以等一个小时。 62、Nothing。什么意思也没有。 63、It's lunchtime。 He's at White Castle。现在是午饭时间,他在白色城堡。 64、You're up against much bigger fish than me。你遇上了比我更高级别的麻烦。 65、Michael:You and me,is real。你和我,是真的。 66、Utah!犹他! 67、You're out of business。 Get used to it。你出局了,学着适应吧。 68、You got X-ray vision?你有透视眼么? 69、The Lord's work。这是上帝的意旨。 70、Because he's my brother。因为他是我哥哥。 71、‘Cause you got college? Big school learnin', huh? Well, let me school you。 Darwin wins inside these walls。 Not Einstein, Darwin。就因为你读了大学?了不起啊?哼,让我教教你。监狱里达尔文就是老大。不是爱因斯坦,达尔文! 72、Demolition runs in the family。我们家族就是擅长搞破坏。 73、This can go down humanely if you don't fight,but if you pull a stunt like that again,it's going to get inhumane right quick。你要不挣扎的话,那接下来我将会很仁慈,不过要是你想再耍花招,我就会变得很残忍。 74、It's my treat this time。这次我请客![treat:请客、款待。 75、What's the second commandment?那第二诫呢? 76、Not everyting is as it seems。任何事并不是想象中的那样。 77、How about speaking English?你不能用英语讲吗? 78、You are telling me he's where he is because of me。也就是说,他有今天也是因为我。 79、I'm surprised you're still here。 I thought you'd be gone by now。很惊奇你还在这。我还以为你们应该走了。 80、If you get stuck in one of them pipes, boy…要是你卡在哪根管子里了可怎么办,孩子。 81、It means I don't sleep。就是说,我不用睡觉。 82、C'est La Vie。法语 这就是生活。 83、Michael, you are where you are because of your brother。Michael, 你能有今天都是因为你哥哥。 84、The picture makes me look like a sociopath。照片上的我跟精神变态者似的。 85、You have no trouble whatsoever with me bending the law… especially when it's bent in your direction。当我歪曲法律时,你安然无恙,尤其是歪向你的方向。 86、Don't let them break you。别让他们击垮你。 87、I'll give you a million dollars, if you let me use the phone。如果你让我用电话的话,我可以给你一百万。 88、What're we, the A-Train? Everyone gets to ride with us?我们算什么,公共汽车么?每个人都可以想坐就坐? 89、I've got a question for you, Fish。 What if we do all this work, and the pipe is ten feet that way?我有问题问你,雏儿。如果我们在这边钻孔,管道在那边十英尺的地方会怎么样? 90、Take my hand so we can put all this behind us。握手言和,把以前的一切一笔勾销吧。 91、I'm not playing games。 Open it。我不是在玩游戏,打开。 92、I don't relish the prospect of taking another man's life。 Whether it's just or not。夺走一个人的生命并不值得庆贺,不管是否正义。 93、I envy you。我羡慕你。 94、But you're good at math, right?但你数学很好,是吧? 95、Ever hear of tensile strength? Hooke's Law of Elasticity?听说过延展强度吗?胡克定律? 96、Like a light。轻而易举。 97、Where can I wash my hands? 请问洗手间在哪里? 98、Like all you did was turn the wrong way up a one-way street。就像在单行道上开错方向。 99、I admire your optimism。She's rolling,man。我很钦佩你的乐观,她在叛变。 100、Want to know what the tattoos mean?想知道那些纹身的意思么? 101、I got a message from your cellie, bro。 He says he's okay and he's trying to fill in the blanks。我从你室友那给你带了条口信,哥们。他说他很好,而且他在试着填补空白。 102、Son, it's better for me to owe you one in here than it is for you to owe me one。孩子,在这个地方我欠你个人情,绝对比你欠我个人情要好。 103、Let's keep in touch。让我们保持联系。 104、Without the money,we are screwed。没有钱我们就完了。 105、See commandment number one。参考第一诫。 106、I couldn't get through。电话打不通。 107、Never give up。从不放弃。 108、What's the weather like today?今天天气如何? 109、Be the change you want to see in the world。欲变世界,先变其身。 110、What do you do for relaxation?你做什么消遣? 111、Get up! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blow your brains out!起来!给我一个不爆你头的理由! 112、Because I can give the one thing , it can set you free。因为我可以给你们唯一能让你们自由的东西。 113、I calculated the drill point coordinates, hid them in my tattoo, and then projected them back onto the wall。 Everything's been worked out so the image hits the right spot。 It's just math。我算过了钻孔的坐标,隐在了我的纹身里,然后把坐标重新投射回墙上。所有东西都经过精确计算所以图像会卡准那些关键位置。数学罢了。 114、Where are you headed? 你要到哪里去? [head:朝…方向行进。 115、The sooner the better。 越快越好。 116、Sometimes things happen that are just out of your control。有时事情的发生你是无法掌控的。 117、I'm the furthest thing from a threat。我根本没有威胁。 118、Killed 10 individuals, you are a serial murderer; kill thousands of people, you are a God of War。杀了十个人,你是连环杀人犯;杀了成千人,你就是战神。 119、Why do you want to see him so hard anyway?你为什么这么想见他? 120、I'm getting you out of here。我要带你离开这。 121、Yo, man, I don't know。 I didn't write it down。兄弟,这我就不知道了。我又没抄下来。 122、I heard you were moving some real estate。听说你在牢里搞房地产? 123、One thing's for sure, you're just as pretty as advertised。有一点是肯定的你就如传闻所言那么漂亮。 124、You know, I'm gonna…I'm gonna get out of here someday。 And when I do…don't think I won't remember what your front steps look like, Susan。你知道,我……我总有一天会出去的。而那时……不要以为我会不记得你家门廊是什么样子,Susan。 125、That depends。 How does the idea of escaping sit with the new you?得看情况啊。重生的你对这计划还感兴趣吗? 126、Took a wrong turn a few months back, I guess。也许是几个月前拐错弯了。 127、She never showed up。她一直没有出现。[show up:出席;露面。 128、It's a fast food restaurant。它是个快餐厅。 129、It's not our place to question His will。我们没有权力过问他的意旨。 130、You'll drill into one of a dozen gas lines behind the wall。 There'll be an explosion, and we'll be burned alive。你会钻裂墙里的煤气管道。会发生爆炸,而我们会被活活烧死。 131、Well, the old sinner was going to have a jet ready for us。 Is the new soul going to be able to pull that off?过去的那个罪人为我们准备了一架飞机。新生的灵魂有么? 132、You were supposed to turn off the A/C, not turn on the furnace。 It's getting so hot in here。你本来应该去关掉空调,而不是打开暖气。现在这里要热死人了。 133、How about getting us to somewhere cooler, say, Africa?把我们丢到凉快点的地方去怎么样,比如,非洲? 134、Be my guest。请便、别客气。 135、I got sick and tired of hotels。我讨厌旅馆。 136、Friend of Sucre: You look like hell。你看起来像是去拼命的。 137、So far so good。目前为止,一切都好。 138、Keep your friends close and your enemies closer。要和朋友靠在一起,而与敌人要靠的更近。 139、You got something in your teeth again。你牙缝里又卡了东西。 140、It's up to you。由你决定。 141、The Lord wants you to spread horse crap all over your mattress?上帝要你把床上洒满粪? 142、Looks like the Bank of Africa wasn't allowing any withdrawals。貌似非洲银行不准取钱啊。 143、Nothing。 That was just my senior quote。没什么。碰巧是我四年级时的座右铭。 144、Same reason you don't put cats and dogs in the same cage。原因就是你不能把猫和狗关在同一个笼子里。本文地址:越狱台词
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