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1、把时间用在思考上是最能节省时间的事情。——卡曾斯 Time spent in thinking is the most able to save time. —— Zeng Si 2、应当仔细地观察,为的是理解;应当努力地理解,为的是行动。——罗曼罗兰 Should be carefully observed, in order to understand; should strive to understand, in order to act. —— Romain Rolland 3、时间最不偏私,给任何人都是二十四小时;时间也最偏私,给任何人都不是二十四小时。——赫胥黎 Time is the most impartial, to any person is twenty——four hours; time is the most impartial, to anyone not twenty——four hours. —— Huxley 4、必须记住我们学习的时间有限的。时间有限,不只由于人生短促,更由于人事纷繁。——斯宾塞 We must keep in mind that we have a limited time to study. Time is limited, not only because life is short, even as numerous personnel. —— Spencer 5、只能留下一片悔恨。——鲁迅 Can only leave a regret. —— Lu Xun 6、你若是爱千古,你应该爱现在;昨日不能唤回来,明日还是不实在;你能确有把握的,只有今日的现在。 If you love eternal, you should love it; no one can call back yesterday, tomorrow is not really; you can sure, just now. 7、夜晚给老人带来平静,给年轻人带来希望。 Night to bring peace to the elderly, to bring hope to the young. 8、勤勉,不浪费时间,每时每刻做些有用的事,戒掉一切不必要的行动。——富兰克林 Industry, do not waste time, do something useful all the time, and cut off all unnecessary actions. —— Franklin 9、年难留,时易损。——南北朝·谢惠连 Difficult to stay in the year, when vulnerable. —— North and South Korea Xie Huilian 10、时间,就象海绵里的水,只要愿挤,总还是有的。——鲁迅 Time, just like the water in the sponge, as long as willing to squeeze, always some. —— Lu Xun 11、青年是一个美好的而又是一去不可再得的时期,是将来一切光明和幸福的开端。——加里宁 Youth is a beautiful, but also a time to go, it is the beginning of all the bright and happy in the future. —— Kalinin 12、时间是大公无私的语言。——尤·邦达列夫 Time is a selfless language. —— Jo Bondarev 13、思想是生命的奴隶,生命是时间的弄人。——莎士比亚 Thought is the life of the slaves, life is the time to get people. —— Shakespeare 14、内容充实的生命就是长久的生命,我们要以此为而不是以时间来衡量生命。——塞涅卡 Life is a long life, we have to use it as a time to measure the life. —— Seneca 15、每一点滴的进展都是缓慢而艰巨的,一个人一次只能着手解决一项有限的目标。——贝费里奇 Every bit of progress is slow and difficult, a person can only solve a limited goal at a time. —— Bbe Felice 16、金钱宝贵,生命更宝贵,时间最宝贵——苏沃洛夫 Money is valuable, life is more valuable, the most valuable time of Suvorov 17、你热爱生命吗?那么别浪费时间,由于时间是组成生命的材料。——富兰克林 Do you love life? So don't waste time, because time is the material of life. —— Franklin 18、最珍贵的财富是时间,最大的浪费是虚度流年。 Time is the most precious wealth, is the biggest waste of time wasted. 19、时间对于我来说是很宝贵的,用经济学的眼光看是一种财富。——鲁迅 Time for me is very valuable, with the perspective of economics is a kind of wealth. —— Lu Xun 20、谁吝啬时间,时间对谁就慷慨。——俄罗斯谚语 Who is stingy time, time to who is generous. —— Russian proverb 21、失掉了现在就等于没有了未来。——鲁迅 Lost now is equal to no future. —— Lu Xun 22、光阴有脚当珍惜,书田无税应勤耕。 Time has feet when treasure, the book field no tax should be ground. 23、时间象弹簧,可以缩短,也可以拉长。——柬埔寨谚语 Time like a spring, can be shortened, but also can be extended. —— Kampuchea proverb 24、善于掌握自己时间的人,是真正伟大的人。——海西阿德 A man who is good at his time, is really a great man. —— Haixi A De 25、浪费时间是所有支出中最奢侈及最昂贵的。——富兰克林 Wasting time is the most extravagant and costly of all expenses. —— Franklin 26、一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴。——谚语 Time is money, Time is money. —— proverb 27、盛年不再来,一日难再晨,及时当勉励,岁月不待人。——陶渊明 No longer in their prime years, day difficult morning, when encouraged timely, time waits for no one. —— Tao Yuanming 28、真理是时间的孩子,不是权威的孩子。——布莱希特 Truth is the child of time, not the child of authority. —— Bly Hitt 29、希望是附丽于存在的,有存在,便有希望,有希望,便有光明。——鲁迅 Hope is attached to exist, there exists, there is hope, there is hope, there is light. —— Lu Xun 30、失去眼前的时间,就等于失去所有的时间。——贝纳姆 To lose sight of time is to lose all the time. —— Benham 31、时间就是能力等等发展的地盘。——克思 Time is the development of the ability and so on. —— Marx 32、延宕是偷光阴的贼。——爱德华·扬 Procrastination is the thief stealing time. —— Edward Jan 33、抛弃时间的人,时间也抛弃他。——莎士比亚 The time to abandon the people, the time to abandon him. —— Shakespeare 34、人生苦短,若虚度年华,则短暂的人生就太长了。——莎士比亚。 Life is short, if the wasted years, it would be too long. —— Shakespeare. 35、付给律师的费用不应据其在法庭上陈述时间的长短,而应据其辩护质量的优劣。——克莱门凯 The fee paid to a lawyer shall not be the length of time it is stated in the court, but the quality of its defense. —— Kremen Kay 36、花有重开日,人无再少年。——关汉卿 Flowers have re opened, no longer young people. —— Guan Hanqing 37、天下兴亡,匹夫有责。——顾炎武 Everyone is responsible for his country. —— Gu Yanwu 38、三更灯火五更鸡,正是男儿读书时,黑发不知勤学早,白发方悔读书迟。 The night, is the man, energy——saving, white square regret later reading. 39、一个人越知道时间的价值,越倍觉失时的痛苦呀!——但丁 The more one knows the value of time, the more feel the pain of blind! Dante: 40、使时间充实就是幸福——爱默生 To enrich the time is to be happy —— Emerson 41、今天所做之事勿候明天,自己所做之事勿候他人。——歌德 Don't wait for tomorrow, don't wait for others to do what you are doing. —— Gerd 42、节约时间就是延长生命。——谚语 To save time is to lengthen life. —— proverb 43、明日复明日,明日何其多。我生待明日,万事成蹉跎。——钱鹤滩 Tomorrow, tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes。 —— Qian Hetan 44、时间就象海绵里的水一样,只要你愿意挤,总还是有的。——鲁迅 Time is like a sponge in the water, as long as you are willing to squeeze, the total is still there. —— Lu Xun 45、丢失的牛羊可以找回;但是失去的时间却无法找回。——乔叟 Lost cattle and sheep can be recovered; but lost time can not be recovered. —— Chaucer 46、应当仔细地观察,为的是理解;应当努力地理解,为的是行动。 Should be carefully observed, in order to understand; should strive to understand, in order to act. 47、光阴易逝,岂容我待。 Time to go, how can I stay. 48、我愿意手拿帽子站在街角,请过路人把他们用不完的时间投在里面。——贝伦森 I'd like to stand on the corner with my hat in hand, please pass by the passers——by and throw them at the end of the time. Berenson: 49、志士嗟日短,愁人知夜长。——陈毅 Who's short, unhappy people know the night long. —— Chen Yi 50、盛年不重来,一日难再晨。及时宜自勉,岁月不待人。——陶渊明 Prime not to —— day difficult morning作文http://Www.ZuoWen8.coM/. Time should be on the way. —— Tao Yuanming 51、余生平所作文章,多在三上:乃马上,枕上,厕上也。——欧阳修 Yu Shengping made the article, more than three: it is immediately, on the pillow, the toilet is also. —— Ou Yangxiu 52、三更灯火五更鸡,正是男儿读书时,黑发不知勤学早,白发方悔读书迟。——颜真卿 The night, is the man, energy——saving, white square regret later reading. —— Yan Zhenqing 53、辛勤的蜜蜂永没有时间悲哀。——布莱克 The hard bee never had time to mourn. —— Black 54、想成事业,必须宝贵时间,充分利用时间。——徐特立 Want to become a business, must be valuable time, take full advantage of time. —— Xu Teli 55、时难得而易失也。——贾谊 When rare and easy to lose also. —— Jia Yi 56、一切节省,回根到底都回结为时间的节剩——马克思 All savings, back to root in the end are back to the knot for the time of the day —— Marx 57、时间有三种步伐:未来姗姗来迟,现在象箭一样飞逝,过去永远静止不动。——席勒 There are three paces of time: the future be long in coming, now flies like an arrow, the past is always at a standstill. —— Schiller 58、把握住今天,胜过两个明天。——谚语 Grasp today, more than two tomorrow. —— proverb 59、把活着的每一天看作生命的最后一天。 To live every day as the last day of life. 60、光阴潮汐不等人——缅甸 Time tide wait for no one —— Burma 61、古人贱尺璧而重寸阴,惧求时之过已。——曹丕 The base ruler and heavy wall Cunyin, for fear of over. —— Cao Pi 62、我的箴言始终是:无日不动笔;如果我有时让艺术之神瞌睡,也只为要使它醒后更兴奋。——贝多芬 My motto is: do not write every day; if I sometimes let art God sleep, only to wake up to make it more exciting. —— Beethoven 63、思往事,惜流芳,易成伤。——欧阳修 Think of the past, cherish Liufang, easy injury. —— Ou Yangxiu 64、抛弃时间的人,时间也抛弃他。——莎士比亚 The time to abandon the people, the time to abandon him. Shakespeare —— 65、谁能以深刻的内容充实每个瞬间,谁就是在无限地延长自己的生命。——库尔茨 Who can enrich every moment with deep content, who is in the infinite to extend their lives. —— Kurtz 66、珍惜时间就是珍惜生命。 To cherish time is to cherish life. 67、时间,每天得到的都是24小时,可是一天的时间给勤勉的人带来智慧与力量,给懒散的人只能留下一片悔恨。——鲁迅 Time, every day is 24 hours, but a day of time to bring wisdom and strength to the hard——working people, to the lazy people can only leave a regret. —— Lu Xun 68、节省时间;也就是使一个人的有限生命,更加有效而也即等于延长了人的生命。——鲁迅 Save time; that is to make a person's limited life, more effective, that is, to extend the life of the people. —— Lu Xun 69、时间是我的财产,我的田亩是时间。——歌德 Time is my property, my field is time. —— Gerd 70、人们常觉得准备的阶段是在浪费时间,只有当真正机会来临,而自己没有能力把握的时候,才能觉悟自己平时没有准备才是浪费了时间。——罗曼·罗兰 People often feel that the stage of preparation is a waste of time, only when the real opportunity to come, and they have no ability to grasp the time, in order to be aware that they are not prepared to be a waste of time. —— Roman Roland 71、即将来临的一天,比过往的一年更为悠长。——福尔斯特 The coming day, more than a year in the past year. —— Foerster 72、只要我们能善用时间,就永远不愁时间不够用。——德国诗人歌德 As long as we can make good use of time, we will never have to worry about the time is not enough. —— German poet Gerd 73、抛弃时间的人,时间也抛弃他。——_莎士比亚 The time to abandon the people, the time to abandon him. Shakespeare: _ 74、春光不自留,浪漫一身企业旗舰店莫怪东风恶。——莎士比亚 Spring is not retained, a corporate flagship store Moguai Dongfeng evil. —— Shakespeare 75、时间就是生命。无端的空耗别人的时间,其实是无异于谋财害命的。——鲁迅 Time is life. Wasting people's time, in fact, is tantamount to for his money. —— Lu Xun 76、谁对时间越吝啬,时间对谁就越慷慨。——李大钊 The more time the more stingy, the time for the more generous. —— Li Dazhao 77、你热爱生命吗?那么别浪费时间,因为时间是组成生命的材料。 Do you love life? So don't waste time, because time is the material of life. 78、等时间的人,就是浪费时间的人。 Waiting time is a waste of time. 79、不要为已消尽之年华叹息,必须正视匆匆溜走的时光。——布莱希特 Don't sigh for the years that have gone away, you must face up to the time that you slip away. —— Bly Hitt 80、“现在”是刚过去的时间上的一个“点”。——罗素 "Now" is just a "point" in the past ". —— Russell 81、生活越紧张,越能显示人的生命力。——恩格斯 Life is more intense, the more able to show people's vitality. —— Engels 82、记住吧:只有一个时间是重要的,那就是现在!它所以重要,就是因为它是我们有所作为的时间。——托尔斯泰 Remember: there is only one time that is important, and that is now! It is important because it is the time for us to make a difference. —— Tolstoy 83、在所有的批评中,最伟大、最正确、最天才的是时间。 In all the criticisms, the greatest, the most accurate, the most talented is the time. 84、时间是一个伟大的作者,它会给每个人写出完美的结局来。 Time is a great author, and it will give everyone a perfect ending. 85、成功=艰苦劳动+正确的方法+少说空话。——爱因斯坦 Success = hard work + right way + less empty talk. —— Einstein 86、在所有的批评中,最伟大、最正确、最天才的是时间。——别林斯基 In all the criticisms, the greatest, the most accurate, the most talented is the time. ——. 87、庸人费心将是消磨时光,能人费尽心机利用时光。——叔本华 Nobody will be able to spend time with time, bend over backwards. —— Schopenhauer 88、当许多人在一条路上徘徊不前时,他们不得不让开一条大路,让那珍惜时间的人赶到他们的前面去。——苏格拉底 When many people wandering in a way, they had to move a road, let the people cherish the time to their front. —— Socrates 89、谁把一生的光阴虚度,便是抛下黄金未买一物。——伊朗 Who spent a lifetime of time, it is thrown out of the gold did not buy a thing. —— Iran 90、时间是没有声音的锉刀。 Time is the sound of the rasp. 91、对时间的慷慨,就等于慢性自杀。 Generosity of time is equal to chronic suicide. 92、一切节省,归根到底都归结为时间的节省。——马克思 All the savings, in the final analysis, comes down to time savings. —— Marx 93、丢失的牛羊可以找回;但是失去的时间却无法找回。 Lost cattle and sheep can be recovered; but lost time can not be recovered. 94、谁把一生的光阴虚度,便是抛下黄金未买一物。 Who spent a lifetime of time, it is thrown out of the gold did not buy a thing. 95、据我观察,大部分人都是在别人荒废的时间里崭露头角的。——福特 According to my observation, most people will emerge in others wasted time. —— Ford 96、时间会刺破青春表面的彩饰,会在美人的额上掘深沟浅槽;会吃掉稀世之珍!天生丽质,什么都逃不过他那横扫的镰刀。——莎士比亚 Time will pierce youth surface decoration, will be on the beauty of the forehead of the ditch dug shallow groove; will eat rare! A born beauty, what can not escape his sickle for sweep. —— Shakespeare 97、什么是路?就是从没路的地方践踏出来的,从只有荆棘的地方开辟出来的。 What is the way? Is never the way out of the place, from only the place of thorns opened up. 98、黑发不如勤学早,白发方悔读书迟。 As black as early as hard, white square regret later reading. 99、善于利用时间的人,永远找得到充裕的时间。 A person who is good at making use of time will always find time to get plenty of time. 100、人生的长短不是以时间衡量的,而是以思想和行为去衡量。——佚名 The length of life is not measured by time, but by thought and action.本文地址:时间英文名人名言
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