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1、理想是指路明星。没有理想,就没有坚定的方向,而没有方向,就没有生活。——列夫·托尔斯泰 Ideal is the guiding star。Without ideal,there is no secure direction,without direction,there is no life。—— Lev Tolstoy 2、邀千百人之欢,不如释一人之怨;希千百事之荣,不如免一事之丑。 Invite thousands of people,as well as one of the people of the blame,and the glory of thousands of things,not as a matter of the ugly。 3、一个人对社会的价值首先取决于他的感情、思想和行动对增进人类利益有多大的作用。 The value of a man's society depends on his feelings,thoughts and actions to promote the interests of human beings。 4、一个人如同一只钟表,是以他的行动来确定其价值。—佩恩{英国 A man is like a clock,whose value is determined by his action。Payne - {UK 5、一个有坚强心志的人,财产可以被人掠夺,勇气却不会被人剥夺的。——雨果 A strong minded person,property can be plundered,but will not be deprived of courage。—— Hugo 6、自信是向成功迈出的第一步。——爱因斯坦 Self confidence is the first step to success。—— Einstein 7、论命运如何,人生来就不是野蛮人,也不是乞讨者。人的四周充满真正而高贵的财富—身体与心灵的财富。——霍勒斯·曼 On fate,life is not a savage,nor a beggar。The wealth of true and noble wealth,the wealth of the body and the mind。—— Horace Man 8、我从没有爱过这世界,它对我也一样。——《拜伦诗选》 I have never loved this world,it is the same to me。- "Byron Poems 9、完成工作的方法是爱惜每一分钟。——达尔文 The way to do the work is to cherish every minute。—— Darwin 10、论命运如何,人生来就不是野蛮人,也不是乞讨者。人的四周充满真正而高贵的财富——身体与心灵的财富。——霍勒斯·曼 On fate,life is not a savage,nor a beggar。The wealth of the body and the soul is full of true and noble wealth。—— Horace Man 11、壮志与热情是伟业的辅冀。——歌德 Ambition and passion is the auxiliary Hebei albert。—— Gerd 12、不管一个人取得多么值得骄傲的成绩,都应该饮水思源,名言名句 No matter how to be proud of a person,should be grateful,quotes 13、把活着的每一天看作生命的最后一天。——海伦·凯勒 To live every day as the last day of life。—— Helen Keller 14、一个人的价值,应当看他贡献了什么,而不应当看他取得了什么。 A person's value should be to see what he has contributed,not to see what he has achieved。 15、能把在面前行走的机会抓住的人,十有八九都会成功。 To seize the opportunity to walk in front of people,nine out of ten will be successful。 16、辛勤的蜜蜂永远没有时间的悲哀。——布莱克 The industrious bee will never have the time of sorrow。—— Black 17、我们要消除这个暗礁,就必须等待时间、机会和有利条件。——狄更斯 We want to eliminate this reef,it must wait for the time,opportunities and favorable conditions。—— Dickens 18、沉沉的黑夜都是白天的前奏。——郭小川 The dark night is a prelude to the day。—— Guo Xiaochuan 19、爱情应该给人一种自由感,而不是囚禁感。——《儿子与情人》 Love should give people a sense of freedom,rather than a sense of captivity。—— "son and lover" 20、有一个传说,说的是有那么一只鸟儿,它一生只唱一次,那歌声比世上一切生灵的歌声都更加优美动听。——《荆棘鸟》 There is a legend,it is said that there is a bird,it only once in a lifetime,the song is more beautiful than all the creatures of the world's songs are more beautiful。- "the thorn bird" 21、你若是爱千古,你应该爱现在;昨日不能唤回来,明日还是不实在;你能确有把握的,只有今日的现在。——爱默生 If you love eternal,you should love it; no one can call back yesterday,tomorrow is not really; you can sure,just now。—— Emerson 22、强烈的信仰会赢取坚强的人,然后又使他们更坚强。——华特·贝基霍 Strong faith will win a strong man,and then make them stronger。—— Water Bekiho 23、勇于求知的人决不至于空闲无事。——孟德斯鸠 The man who has the courage to seek knowledge will never be idle。—— Montesquieu 24、认识自己的无知是认识世界的最可靠的方法。——《随笔集》 To know one's ignorance is the most reliable way to know the world。- "essays" 25、时间是一个伟大的作者,它会给每个人写出完美的结局来。——卓别林 Time is a great author,and it will give everyone a perfect ending。—— Chaplin 26、价值产生信心,信心产生热忱,而热忱则征服世界。-华特·H·柯亭姆 Value produces faith,and faith produces enthusiasm,and enthusiasm is the conquest of the world。- Walter - H - Salim keting 27、不要心平气和,不要容你自己昏睡!趁你还年轻,强壮、灵活,要永不疲倦地做好事。——契诃夫 Don't let yourself in a calm mood,don't sleep! While you are young,strong,flexible,never tired to do good。—— Chekhov 28、路再长也有终点,夜再黑也有尽头。 The road is long also has the end,the night again black also has the end。 29、人应该先做他应该做的事情,再做他喜欢做的事。 People should do what he should do,do what he likes to do。 30、一切假知识比无知更危险。 All false knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance。 31、如果一个人不知道他要驶向哪头,那么任何风都不是顺风。——塞涅卡 If a person doesn't know where he is going,any wind is not the wind。—— Seneca 32、如果你爱一个人,先要使自己现在或将来百分之百的值得他爱,至于他爱不爱你,那是他的事,你可以如此希望,但不必勉强去追求。罗兰 If you love a person,first to make yourself now or in the future one hundred percent of the worth of his love,as he loves you,it is his thing,you can hope,but do not have to go to the pursuit of。Rowland 33、时间是我的财产,我的田亩是时间。____歌德 Time is my property,my field is time。Gerd ____ 34、一个人的价值,应该看他贡献什么,而不应当看他取得什么。——爱因斯坦 The value of a person,should see what he contributes,and should not see what he has achieved。—— Einstein 35、道德中最大的秘密是爱。──雪莱 The greatest secret of morality is love。—— Shelley 36、求学如值树,春天开花,秋天结果。——爱因斯坦 Studies such as the value of trees,spring flowering,autumn results。—— Einstein 37、时间抓起来说是金子,抓不住就是流水。——谚语 Time to catch up and say it is gold,can't hold water。—— proverb 38、在各种事物的常理中,爱情是无法改变和阻挡的,因为就本性而言,爱只会自行消亡,任何计谋都难以使它逆转。——《十日谈》 In all sorts of things in common sense,love can not be changed and blocked,because in terms of nature,love will only die out,any trick is difficult to reverse it。- "The Decameron" 39、真正的幸福只有当你真实地认识到人生的价值时,才能体会到。——穆尼尔·纳素夫 True happiness is when you realize the value of life。—— Munir Nassef 40、每一个成功者都有一个开始。勇于开始,才能找到成功的路。 Every successful person has a beginning。The courage to start,to find a way to success。 41、本来无望的事,大胆尝试,往往能成功。 Things that would have been hopeless,a bold attempt,often succeed。 42、一个能思考的人,才真是一个力量无边的人。 A man who can think is really a man of strength。 43、最困难的职业就是怎样为人。——荷塞· The most difficult job is how to be a person。- Jose Marty 44、时间是世界上一切成就的土壤。时间给空想者痛苦,给创造者幸福。——麦金西 Time is the soil of all the achievements of the world。Time to the dream of pain,to the creator of happiness。—— Mai Jinxi 45、信仰是伟大的情感,一种创造力量。——高尔基 Faith is a great emotion,a kind of creative power。- Golgi 46、如果有一天,我能够对我们的公共利益有所贡献,我就会认为自己是世界上最幸福的人了。——果戈理 If one day,I can contribute to our public interest,I will think that they are the happiest people in the world。—— Gogol 47、先相信自己,然后别人才会相信你。——罗曼·罗兰 Trust yourself first,then others will believe you。—— Roman Roland 48、当现实折过来严丝合缝地贴在我们长期的梦想上时,它盖住了梦想,与它混为一体,如同两个同样的图形重叠起来合而为一一样。——《追忆似水年华》 When the reality of folded dovetail posted on our long-term dream,it covers the dream,and it together,as two of the same graphics overlap be made one。- "remembrance of things past" 49、人的一生,总是难免有浮沉。不会永远如旭日东升,也不会永远痛苦潦倒。反复地一浮一沉,对于一个人来说,正是磨练。因此,浮在上面的,的,不必骄傲;沉在底下的,更用不着悲观。必须以率直、谦虚的态度,乐观进取、向前迈进。——松下幸之助 Life always has to avoid ups。Not always like The red sun rises in sky。nor pain down forever。Repeated a floating heavy,for a person,it is to hone。Therefore,floating in the above,do not have to be proud of; sink in the bottom,but do not need to be pessimistic。Must to frank,modest attitude,optimistic and enterprising,forward。—— Konosuke Matsushita 50、自信是向成功迈出的第一步——爱因斯坦 Self confidence is the first step to success - Einstein 51、一个人如同一只钟表,是以他的行动来确定其价值。—佩恩 A man is like a clock,whose value is determined by his action。- Penn 52、成功并不能用一个人达到什么地位来衡量,而是依据他在迈向成功的过程中,到底克服了多少困难和障碍。——布克·华盛顿 Success is not measured by a person's status作文http://Www.ZuoWen8.coM/,but by how many difficulties and obstacles he has overcome in the course of his success。—— Booker Washington 53、一个人并不是生来要被打败的,你尽可以把他消灭掉,可就是打不败他。——《老人与海》 A man is not born to be defeated,you can destroy him,but can not defeat him。—— "the old man and the sea" 54、每个天才的产生,必是热忱的产物。-本杰明·狄斯拉里 Every genius is produced,it must be the product of enthusiasm。- Benjamin Larry 55、爱得愈深,苛求得愈切,所以爱人之间不可能没有意气的争执。──劳伦斯 Love deeply,demanding all survived,so love is not emotional dispute between the impossible。—— Laurence 56、诚实是雄辩能力的一部分;我们因自己热切诚恳,而使别人信服。——威廉·哈立特 Honesty is a part of eloquence; we make others believe in ourselves because we are earnest and sincere。—— William Harit 57、人若有志,万事可为。——斯迈尔斯 If a man has a will,all things can be。—— Smiles 58、成功的秘诀就是每天都比别人多努力一点。 The secret of success is to work harder every day than others。 59、我从来不把安逸和快乐看作是生活目的本身——这种伦理基础,我叫它猪栏的理想。——爱因斯坦 I never put comfort and happiness as the purpose of life itself - the ethical basis,I call the ideal of a pigsty。—— Einstein 60、只要我们能善用时间,就永远不愁时间不够用。——德国诗人歌德 As long as we can make good use of time,we will never have to worry about the time is not enough。- German poet Gerd 61、在任何行业中,走向成功的第一步,是对它产生兴趣。——威廉·奥斯勒爵士 In any industry,the first step to success is to have an interest in it。Sir William Osler 62、不管发生什么事,都请安静且愉快地接受人生,勇敢地、大胆地,而且永远地微笑着。——卢森堡 No matter what happens,please accept your life quietly and happily,bravely and boldly,and always with a smile。- Luxemburg 63、喷泉的高度不会超过它的源头;一个人的事业也是这样,他的成就绝不会超过自己的信念。——林肯 Fountain height will not exceed its source; a person's career is also the way,his achievements will never be more than their own beliefs。- Lincoln 64、人生苦短,若虚度年华,则短暂的人生就太长了。——莎士比亚。 Life is short,if the wasted years,it would be too long。—— Shakespeare。 65、在一个崇高的目的支持下,不停地工作,即使慢也一定会获得成功。 With the support of a noble purpose,working continuously,even slowly will certainly be a success。 66、抛弃今天的人,不会有明天;而昨天,不过是行去流水。——约翰·洛克 Abandon today's people,there will be no tomorrow; yesterday,but it is OK to go。—— John Locke 67、所有的爱都是甜蜜的,无论是给予还是回报。爱就像阳光一样无所不在,他那熟悉的嗓音永远不会消沉。——雪莱 All love is sweet,given or returned。Love is as ubiquitous as the sun,and his familiar voice will never be depressed。—— Shelley 68、强迫经常使热恋的人更加铁心,而从来不能叫他们回心转意。——《阴谋与爱情》 Often forced more people to love the core,but never asked them to change mind。"Conspiracy and love" 69、只要你是天鹅蛋就是生在养鸡场也没什么关系。——《安徒生童话 As long as you are a swan egg is born in the chicken farm is no relationship。- "Andersen's fairy tales" 70、幸福的家庭是相同的,不幸的家庭各有各的不同。——《安娜·卡列尼娜》 Happy families are the same,unhappy families are different from each others。—— "Anna Karenina" 71、智慧、勤劳和天才,高于显贵和富有。——贝多芬 Wisdom,diligence and genius than dignified and rich。—— Beethoven 72、生存还是毁灭,这是一个值得思考的问题。——《哈姆霄特》 To be or not to be,that's a question to think about。"Special" Xiao - ham 73、懒人无法享受休息之乐。——拉布克 Lazy can not enjoy the rest of music。- labuk 74、成功=艰苦的劳动+正确的方法+少说空话。——爱因斯坦 Success = hard work + right way + less empty talk。—— Einstein 75、人们常觉得准备的阶段是在浪费时间,只有当真正机会来临,而自己没有能力把握的时候,才能觉悟自己平时没有准备才是浪费了时间。——罗曼·罗兰 People often feel that the stage of preparation is a waste of time,only when the real opportunity to come,and they have no ability to grasp the time,in order to be aware that they are not prepared to be a waste of time。—— Roman Roland 76、涓滴之水终可磨损大石,不是由于它力量大,而是由于昼夜不舍的滴坠。只有勤奋不懈的努力才能够获得那些技巧,因此,我们可以确切地说:说:不积跬步,无以致千里。——贝多芬 Little drops of water finally can wear stone,not because of its power,but because of day and night won't drop pendant。Only the diligent efforts to be able to get those skills,therefore,we can say: say,a short step,resulting in thousands of miles。—— Beethoven 77、一个人在科学探索的道路上,走过弯路,犯过错误,并不是坏事,更不是什么耻辱,要在实践中勇于承认和改正错误。——爱因斯坦 A person on the road of scientific exploration,through the detours,made mistakes,not a bad thing,it is not a shame,in practice,the courage to admit and correct mistakes。—— Einstein 78、生命里最重要的事情是要有个远大的目标,并借才能与坚毅来达成它。-约翰·渥夫甘·冯·歌德 The most important thing in life is to have a great aim,and the determination to attain it。John Wolfe Gansu von Goethe 79、贫而懒惰乃真穷,贱而无志乃真贱。——罗丹 Poor and lazy is really poor,cheap and without a record is really cheap。—— Luo Dan 80、从不浪费时间的人,没有工夫抱怨时间不够。____杰弗逊 People who never waste time,have no time to complain that time is not enough。Jefferson ____ 81、合理安排时间,就等于节约时间。——培根 Reasonable arrangement of time,it is equal to save time。—— Bacon 82、危险、怀疑和否定之海,围绕着人们小小的岛屿,而信念则鞭策人,使人勇敢面对未知的前途。——泰戈尔 Danger,doubt and denial of the sea,around the people of the small islands,and the belief is to spur people,make people brave to face the unknown future。—— Tagore 83、人的心灵是有翅膀的,会在梦中飞翔。——高尔基 Man's heart is a wing,will fly in the dream。- Golgi 84、如果冬天来了,春天还会远吗?——《雪莱诗选》 If winter comes,can spring be far behind? - "Shelley Poems 85、大地上有黑暗的阴影,可是对比起来,光明更为强烈。——狄更斯 There is a dark shadow on the earth,but in contrast,the light is more intense。—— Dickens 86、成功=艰苦劳动+正确的方法+少说空话。——爱因斯坦 Success = hard work + right way + less empty talk。—— Einstein 87、我们经历着生活中突然降临的一切,毫无防备,就像演员进入初排。如果生活中的第一次彩排便是生活的本身,那生活有什么价值呢?——《生命中不能承受之轻》 We are experiencing all the unsuspecting sudden fall in the life,just like actors walk through。If the life of the first rehearsal is the life itself,what is the value of life? - "the light of life" 88、美德犹如名香,经燃烧或压榨而其香愈烈,盖幸运最能显露恶德而厄运最能显露美德。——《培根论说文集》 Virtue is like incense,burning or squeezing through its fragrance intensity,cover the most fortunate will reveal the evil and misfortune can best discover virtue。- "Bacon collection" 89、忘掉今天的人将被明天忘掉。——歌德 Forget today's people will be forgotten tomorrow。—— Gerd 90、不要心平气和,不要容你自己昏睡!趁你还年轻,强壮灵活,要永不疲倦地做好事。——契诃夫 Don't let yourself in a calm mood,don't sleep! While you are young,strong and flexible,never tire of doing good deeds。—— Chekhov 91、患难可以试验一个人的品格,非常的境遇方才可以显出非常的气节;风平浪静的海面,所有的船只都可以并驱竞胜。命运的铁拳击中要害的时候,候,只有大勇大智的人才能够处之泰然;——莎士比亚 Trouble can test a man's character,the very situation just can show very integrity; in smooth water of the sea,all the boats and flooding can win competition。When the fate of the iron fist when only have hit at the nub of great wisdom,Dayong people can take things calmly - Shakespeare; 92、慈善的行为比金钱更能解除别人的痛苦。——卢梭 The act of charity is better than the money to relieve the pain of others。—— Rousseau 93、人生苦短,若虚度年华,则短暂的人生就太长了。——英国剧作家莎士比亚。 Life is short,if the wasted years,it would be too long。- Shakespeare,British playwright。 94、最好的朋友是那种不喜欢多说,能与你默默相对而又息息息相通的人。——高尔基 Best friends are those who don't love to say,you can and the relative silence and interest rates close to people。- Golgi 95、坚持意志伟大的事业需要始终不渝的精神。——伏尔泰 Uphold the great cause will need unswerving spirit。—— Voltaire 96、离开一辈子后,他又回到了自己出生的那片土地上,从小到大,他一直是那个地方的目击者。——《尤利西斯》 After leaving for a lifetime,he returned to the land of his birth,from small to large,he has been a witness to that place。—— "Ulysses" 97、享受着爱和荣誉的人,才会感到生存的乐趣。——莎士比亚 Enjoy the love and honor of the people,will feel the joy of survival。—— Shakespeare 98、朝着一定目标走去是“志”,一鼓作气中途绝不停止是“气”,两者合起来就是“志气”。一切事业的成败都取决于此。——卡内基 Walked toward a certain goal is "Chi",done in one vigorous effort never stopped halfway is "Qi",the two together is "ambition"。The success or failure of any business depends on this。—— Carnegie 99、思想家是主动的,梦幻家是被动的。——雨果 The thinker is active,the dream home is passive。—— Hugo 100、理想是指路明灯。没有理想,就没有坚定的方向,而没有方向,就没有生活。——托尔斯泰 Ideal is the beacon。Without ideal,there is no secure direction,without direction,there is no life。—— Tolstoy 101、时间是由分秒积成的,善于利用零星时间的人,才会做出更大的成绩来。——华罗庚 Time is our product by the sporadic use of the good time,will make greater achievements。—— Hua Luogeng 102、同上帝保持联系是一码事,他们都赞同这一点,但让上帝一天二十四小时都待在身边就是另一码事了。——《第二十二条军规》 Keep in touch with God is the same,they all agree to this,but let God twenty-four hours a day to stay in the side is another。- "twenty-second rules" 103、开发人类智力的矿藏是少不了要由患难来促成的。——《基度山伯爵》 Exploitation of human intelligence is a mineral that is indispensable to the。—— the count of the mountains。 104、不是锤的打击,而是水的载歌载舞才形成了美丽的鹅卵石。——泰戈尔 Not hammer strokes,but the water now singing,now dancing before the formation of the beautiful pebble。—— Tagore 105、社会犹如一条船,每个人都要有掌舵的准备。——易卜生 Society is like a boat,everyone has to be at the helm of the preparation。—— Ibsen 106、认和改正错误。——爱因斯坦 Recognize and correct mistakes。—— Einstein 107、面对悬崖峭壁,一百年也看不出一条缝来,但用斧凿,得进一寸进一寸,得进一尺进一尺,不断积累,飞跃必来,突破随之。——华罗庚 In one hundred years no precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs,out of a seam,but the use of chisels,must enter into one inch by one inch,into a foot into the foot,continue to accumulate,leap will come with a breakthrough。—— Hua Luogeng 108、乐观是一首激昂优美的进行曲,时刻鼓舞着你向事业的大路勇猛前进。——大仲马 Optimism is an impassioned and beautiful music,constantly inspires you to advance the cause of the road。—— Alexandre Dumas 109、我无论做什么,始终在想着,只要我的精力允许我的话,我就要首先为我的祖国服务。 No matter what I do,I always think,as long as my energy allows me,I will be the first to serve my country。本文地址:英语经典名言
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