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1、从不浪费时间的人,没有工夫抱怨时间不够。——杰弗逊 People who never waste time, have no time to complain that time is not enough. -- Jefferson 2、现在优于其他一切时间它是我们自己的。——阿根廷 Now is better than all the other times it is our own. - Argentina 3、一年的工作看春天,一天的工作看早晨。 A year of work to see the spring, a day of work to see the morning. 4、在今天和明天之间,有一段很长的时间;趁你还有精神的时候,学习迅速办事。——歌德 Between today and tomorrow, there is a very long time; while you still have the spirit of the time, learning quickly. -- Gerd 5、不要为已消尽之年华叹息,必须正视匆匆溜走的时光。——布莱希特 Don't sigh for the years that have gone away, you must face up to the time that you slip away. -- Bly Hitt 6、盛年不重来,一日难再晨;及时当勉励,岁月不待人。──陶渊明 Prime not to - day difficult morning; timely when encouraged, time waits for no one. -- Tao Yuanming 7、时间就是生命,无故的空耗别人的时间,实在无异于谋财害命的。——鲁迅 Time is life, no wastes others' time, it is for his money. -- Lu Xun 8、闲暇就是为了做一些有益事情的时间。——富兰克林 Leisure is time to do something useful. -- Franklin 9、真理只在需求孔亟的时候才发扬;是时间而不是人发现它。——佚名 The truth only when it needs to develop the hole; time rather than find it. I 10、普通人只想到如何度过时间,有才能的人设法利用时间。——叔本华 Ordinary people merely think how they shall spend their time, and a man of talent tries to use it. -- Schopenhauer 11、开诚布公与否和友情的深浅,不应该用时间的长短来衡量。——巴尔扎克 Frank and deep friendship, should not be used to measure the length of time. -- Balzac 12、拖延时间是压制恼怒的最好方式。——柏拉图 Procrastination is the best way to suppress anger. -- Platon 13、春光不自留,莫怪东风恶。——莎士比亚 Spring is not retained, no wonder the east wind evil. -- Shakespeare 14、杀了现在,也便杀了将来。——鲁迅 Kill now, and then kill the future. -- Lu Xun 15、一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴。——增广贤文 Time is money, Time is money. - augmented Xianwen 16、如果你被置于某种地位的时间足够长久,你的行为就会开始适应那种地位的要求。——兰德尔·贾雷尔 If you are placed in a certain position for a long time, your behavior will begin to meet the requirements of that position. -- Randall Jarrell 17、时间可以治愈一切创伤。——米南德 Time heals all wounds. - - - - - - 18、付给律师的费用不应据其在法庭上陈述时间的长短,而应据其辩护质量的优劣。——克莱门凯 The fee paid to a lawyer shall not be the length of time it is stated in the court, but the quality of its defense. -- Kremen Kay 19、百岁光阴如捻指,人生七十古来稀。 A hundred years time such as twist means that life rarely live to seventy. 20、长江一去无回浪,人老何曾再少年。 To go back to the Yangtze River waves, people old boy ever again. 21、最珍贵的财富是时间,最大的浪费是虚度流年。 Time is the most precious wealth, is the biggest waste of time wasted. 22、时间,每天得到的都是24小时,可是一天的时间给勤勉的人带来智慧与力量,给懒散的人 Time, every day is 24 hours, but a day of time to bring wisdom and strength to the hard-working people, to the lazy people 23、以愁闷来扼杀心灵,带有责备意味和冷冷地滴答着的时间。——高尔基 Gloom to kill the soul, reproachful and coldly tick the time. - Golgi 24、懒鬼起来吧!别再浪费生命,将来地坟墓内有足够的时间让你睡的。——富兰克林 Slacker up! Don't waste your life, there will be enough time for you to sleep in the future. -- Franklin 25、时间是最不值钱的东西,也是最宝贵的东西,因为有了时间,我们就有了一切。——莱尼斯 Time is the most valuable thing, but also the most valuable things, because of the time, we have everything. -- Lynes 26、一年之计在于春,一日之计在于晨 A year's plan is in the spring, the day of the plan in the morning 27、志士惜日短,愁人知夜长。——傅玄 Life is but a short, unhappy people know the night long. -- Fu Xuan 28、庸人费心将是消磨时光,能人费尽心机利用时光。——叔本华 Nobody will be able to spend time with time, bend over backwards. -- Schopenhauer 29、时间是审查一切罪犯的最老练的法官——莎士比亚 Time is the most sophisticated judge of all criminals - Shakespeare 30、把活着的每一天看作生命的最后一天。——海伦·凯勒 To live every day as the last day of life. -- Helen Keller 31、时间能缓解极度的悲痛。——英国 Time can alleviate the extreme grief. - Britain 32、时间是个常数,但对勤奋者来说,是个变数。——雷巴柯 Time is a constant, but for the hard-working, it is a variable. -- Lei Bake 33、“年”教给我们许多“日”不懂的东西——爱献生 "Year" taught us many things that "day" does not understand love 34、一个钟头有六十分钟,一天就超过了一千分钟。明白这个道理后,就知道人可做出多少贡献。——歌德 There are sixty minutes in an hour and one thousand minutes in a day. Understand this truth, you know how many people can make contributions. -- Gerd 35、时间能使隐躲的事物显露,也能使灿烂夺目的东西黯然无光。——意大利 Time can make the hidden things unfold, also can make the splendid things darkened. - Italy 36、三更灯火五更鸡,正是男儿读书时。 The night, is the man. 37、每时每刻都有无穷的利息;日计不足,岁计有余。——富兰克林 There is an infinite interest at all times; the day is insufficient, and the year is more than a year. -- Franklin 38、少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。——《长歌行》 An idle youth, a needy age. - "long line" 39、人生光阴易逝,早定成器日期。 The life time is fleeting, the earlier date. 40、人生的价值,并不是用时间,而是用深度去衡量的。——列夫·托尔斯泰 The value of life is not measured by time, but by depth. -- Lev Tolstoy 41、时间会使钢铁生锈。——匈牙利 Time will make the steel rust. - Hungary 42、今天所做之事勿候明天,自己所做之事勿候他人。——歌德 Don't wait for tomorrow, don't wait for others to do what you are doing. -- Gerd 43、谁对时间越吝啬,时间对谁就越慷慨。 The more time the more stingy, the time for the more generous. 44、一个正直的人要经过长久的时间才能看得出来,一个坏人只要一天就认得出来。——索福克勒斯 An honest man will be able to see for a long time, and a bad man will recognize it in a day. -- Alfonso Fochler J 45、丢掉黄金能够找,失去光阴无处寻 Throw away the gold to find, lost time nowhere to find 46、善于利用时间的人,永远找得到充裕的时间。——歌德 A person who is good at making use of time will always find time to get plenty of time. -- Gerd 47、集腋成裘,聚沙成塔。几秒钟虽然不长,却构成永恒长河中的伟大时代。——弗莱彻 A, many littles make a mickle. A few seconds, though not long, but constitute a great era in the eternal. -- Fletcher 48、你热爱生命吗?那幺别浪费时间,因为时间是组成生命的材料——富兰克林 Do you love life? So don't waste time, because time is composed of material life -- Franklin 49、老当益壮,宁知白首之心;穷且益坚,不坠青云之志——王勃 Old but vigorous, rather know the ambition of the elderly; the harder pressed, the stronger, do not fall Albatron ambition -- Wang Bo 50、无数人事的变化孕育在时间的胚胎里。——莎士比亚 Numerous personnel changes breed in the time of the embryo. -- Shakespeare 51、必须记住我们学习的时间有限的。时间有限,不只由于人生短促,更由于人事纷繁。——斯宾塞 We must keep in mind that we have a limited time to study. Time is limited, not only because life is short, even as numerous personnel. -- Spencer 52、重复言说多半是一种时间上的损失。——培根 Repetition is often a time of loss. -- Bacon 53、昨天唤不回来,明天还不确实,你能确有把握的就是今天。——李大钊 I didn't come back yesterday, tomorrow is not really, you can really grasp is today. -- Li Dazhao 54、时间无情,却也深情。它让该死的死,该生的生;让该诅咒的归于毁灭,该赞美的郁郁葱葱。——岑桑 Time is ruthless, but also affection. It makes the damn dead, the student's life; let the curse to the destruction of the praise of a wild profusion of vegetation. -- Cen Sang 55、金钱宝贵,生命更宝贵,时间最宝贵。——苏沃洛夫 Money is valuable, life is more precious, time is the most precious. - Suvorov 56、时间是最好的医生。——英国 Time is the best doctor. - Britain 57、年过中秋月过半,人老不能转少年。 More than half of the Mid Autumn Festival, people can not turn the old boy. 58、在无限的时间的河流里,人生仅仅是微小又微小的波浪。——郭小川 In the infinite time of the river, life is only a small, small wave. -- Guo Xiaochuan 59、在所有的批评中,最伟大、最正确、最天才的是时间。——别林斯基 In all the criticisms, the greatest, the most accurate, the most talented is the time. -. 60、合理安排时间,就等于节约时间。——培根 Reasonable arrangement of time作文http://Www.ZuoWen8.coM/, it is equal to save time. -- Bacon 61、最聪明的人是最不愿浪费时间的人。——但丁 The most intelligent people are the most reluctant to waste time. Dante: 62、对时间的慷慨,就等于慢性自杀。——奥斯特洛夫斯基 Generosity of time is equal to chronic suicide. -- aositeluo 63、你有一天将遭遇的灾祸是你某一段时间疏懒的报应。——拿破仑 One day you will encounter the evil is you a certain period of time idle retribution. -- Napoleon 64、盛年不再来,一日难再晨,及时当勉励,岁月不待人。——陶渊明 No longer in their prime years, day difficult morning, when encouraged timely, time waits for no one. -- Tao Yuanming 65、切莫垂头丧气,即使丧失了一切,你还握有未来。——王尔德 Don't even lose everything, become dejected and despondent, you also have the future. -- Wilde 66、时间就是能力等等发展的地盘。——克思 Time is the development of the ability and so on. -- Marx 67、时间是变化的财富。时钟模仿它,却只有变化而无财富。——泰戈尔 Time is the wealth of change. Clock to imitate it, but only change and no wealth. -- Tagore 68、我从来不认为半小时是微不足道的很小的一段时间。——达尔文 I never think that half an hour is trivial for a while. -- Darwin 69、时间是一个伟大的作者,它会给每个人写出完美的结局来。——卓别林 Time is a great author, and it will give everyone a perfect ending. -- Chaplin 70、懒汉从来没有时间。——意大利 Never idle time. - Italy 71、没有时间教育儿子——就意味着没有时间做人。——苏霍姆林斯基 There is no time to educate the son - it means that there is no time to be a man. -- Sue Home Linsky 72、谁对时间最吝啬,时间对谁越慷慨。要时间不辜负你,首先你要不辜负时间。放弃时间的人,时间也放弃他。 Who is the most stingy time, the time for whom the more generous. To live up to you, first you have to live up to the time. To give up the time, time to give up his. 73、时间就象海绵里的水一样,只要你愿挤,总还是有的。——鲁迅 Time is like a sponge in the water, as long as you are willing to squeeze, always some. -- Lu Xun 74、没有人不爱惜他的生命,但很少人珍视他的时间。——梁实秋 There is no one who does not care for his life, but few people value his time. -- Liang Shiqiu 75、旱尽午来昏又至,良宵才过又侵晨。 Dry all afternoon to faint again and again the night before intrenchment. 76、时间是阳伟大、公正的裁判。——俄罗斯 Time is Yang Weida, a fair judge. - Russia 77、善于利用时间的人,永远找得到充裕的时间。 A person who is good at making use of time will always find time to get plenty of time. 78、时间就是生命,时间就是速度,时间就是力量。——郭沫若 Time is life, time is speed, time is strength. -- Guo Moruo 79、时间象弹簧,可以缩短,也可以拉长。——柬埔寨谚语 Time like a spring, can be shortened, but also can be extended. -- Kampuchea proverb 80、好花难种不常开,少年易老不重来。 Good flower difficult kind not often open, the youth is not easy to old. 81、利用寸阴是任何种类的战斗中博得胜利的秘诀。——美国 The use of any type of Cunyin is to win the battle in the secret of success. - the United States 82、浪费时间是所有支出中最奢侈最昂贵的。——富兰克林 A waste of time is the most extravagant and costly of all expenses. -- Franklin 83、一分时间,一分成果。对科学工作者来说,就不是一天八小时,而是寸阴必珍,寸阳必争。——童第周 A minute, a result. For the scientific workers, not eight hours a day, but the time carefully for Jane, "yang. -- Tong Dizhou 84、勤学的人,总是感到时间过得太快;懒惰的人,却总是埋怨时间跑得太慢。——新格言 The studious, always feel that time flies too fast; the lazy people, but always complain that time runs too slow. - a new motto 85、最亮的东西是阳光,最宝贵的东西是时光。 The brightest thing is sunshine, and the most precious thing is time. 86、时间的步伐有三种:未来姗姗来迟,现在像箭一样飞逝,过去永远静立不动。——席勒 There are three paces of time: the future is like an arrow flies be long in coming, now, the past is always at a standstill. -- Schiller 87、一个人愈知道时间的价值,愈感觉失时的痛苦呀。——但丁 The more a man knows the value of time, the more feel the pain of blind. Dante: 88、时间是一条金河,莫让它轻轻地在你的指尖溜过。——拉丁美洲 Time is a river, do not let it slip gently at your fingertips. - Latin America 89、即流的最好方法,就是善于利用时间,它直接影响我们实际的费用与利润。——李奥贝纳 That is the best way to flow, is good at the use of time, it directly affects our actual cost and profit. - Leo Burnett 90、抛弃时间的人时间抛弃他。——莎士比亚 The man who abandoned time abandoned him. -- Shakespeare 91、光阴有脚当珍惜,书田无税应勤耕。——佚名 Time has feet when treasure, the book field no tax should be ground. I 92、尊重生命、尊重他人也尊重自己的生命,是生命进程中的伴随物,也是心理健康的一个条件。——弗洛姆 Respect for life, respect for others and respect for their own lives, is the process of life in the process of the complex, but also a condition of mental health. -- Fromm 93、人生苦短,若虚度年华,则短暂的人生就太长了。——莎士比亚 Life is short, if the wasted years, it would be too long. -- Shakespeare 94、使一个人的有限的生命,更加有效,也即等于延长了人的生命。——鲁迅 To make a person's limited life, more effective, that is, to extend the lives of people. -- Lu Xun 95、花开花谢年年有,人老何曾再少年。 Huakaihuaxie every year, one old boy ever again. 96、山川满目泪沾衣,富贵荣华能几时。不见只今汾水上,唯有年年秋雁飞。——唐·李峤 The mountains everywhere tears Zhanyi, rich Rong Huaneng will. Can not see Shui, only mid autumn geese. -- don Li Jiao 97、逆水行舟用力撑,一篙松劲退千寻;古云“此日足可惜”,吾辈更应惜秒阴。——董必武 A hold, a pole slack back spirited away; Gu Yun "today, we should foot a second XI yin. -- Dong Biwu 98、时间就是生命,时间就是速度,时间就是气力。——郭沫若 Time is life, time is speed, time is strength. -- Guo Moruo 99、谁对时间越吝啬,时间对谁就越慷慨。——佚名 The more time the more stingy, the time for the more generous. I 100、枝上花开能几日,世上人生能几何。 Flowers on the branches can be a few days, the world's life can be geometry. 101、年难留,时易损。——南北朝·谢惠连 Difficult to stay in the year, when vulnerable. - North and South Korea Xie Huilian 102、想要有空余时间,就不要浪费时间。——富兰克林 When you want to have free time, don't waste your time. -- Franklin 103、时间待人是平等的,而时间在每个人手里的价值却不同。 Time is equal, while the time is in the hands of each person's value is different. 104、人生天地之间,若白驹过隙,忽然而已。——庄子 Life between heaven and earth, if fleeting, suddenly. -- Chuang-tzu 105、一万年太久,只争朝夕。——毛泽东 Ten thousand years too long, seize the day. -- Mao Zedong 106、浪费时间叫虚度,剥用时间叫生活。——扬格 Waste time is wasted, time is called life. - Janger 107、一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴。——王贞白 Time is money, Time is money. -- Wang Zhenbai 108、时间是世界上一切成就的土壤。——麦金西 Time is the soil of all the achievements of the world. -- Mai Jinxi 109、莫等闲,白了少年头,空悲切。——岳飞 Mo, a juvenile white head, empty sadness. -- Yue Fei 110、黄金时代在我们面前而不在我们背后。——美国作家马克·吐温 The golden age is before us, not behind us. - Mark Twin, American writer 111、有钱难买少年时,失落光阴无处寻。 When the money is difficult to buy a teenager, lost time nowhere to find. 112、三更灯火五更鸡,正是男儿读书时。黑发不如勤学早,白发方悔读书迟。——颜真卿 The night, is the man. As black as early as hard, white square regret later reading. -- Yan Zhenqing 113、自来水是压出来的,时间是挤出来的。 Tap water is out of the pressure, the time is squeezed out of the. 114、时间是由分秒积成的,善于利用零星时间的人,才会做出更大的成绩来。——华罗庚 Time is our product by the sporadic use of the good time, will make greater achievements. -- Hua Luogeng 115、一切利己的生活,自——以时间来衡量生命。爱,则无所不为;过于自爱,则一无所为。——吕坤 All self serving life, from the time to measure the life. Love is everything; too is not for love. -- Lv Kun 116、桃花岁岁皆相似,人面年年不相同。 But peach had similar face, not the same year. 117、凡是想获得优异成果的人,都应该异常谨慎地珍惜和支配自己的时间。——克鲁普斯卡娅 Anyone who wants to achieve good results should be careful to cherish and dominate his own time. -- Krupskaya 118、普通人只想到如何度过时间,有才能的人设法利用时间。——叔本华。 Ordinary people merely think how they shall spend their time, and a man of talent tries to use it. -- Schopenhauer. 119、一心学习与工作,时间永远不嫌多。 With one mind to learn and work, time is never too much. 120、一青一黄是一年,一黑一白是一天。 A green yellow is a year, a black and white is a day. 121、凭着日规上潜私的阴影,你也能知道时间在偷偷地走向亘古。——莎士比亚 With the sundials latent private shadow, you can know the time secretly to everlasting. -- Shakespeare 122、光阴一去难再见,水流东海不回头。 Time is difficult to see, the flow of the East China Sea does not look back. 123、赢得了时间就是赢得了一切。——列宁 To win time is to win everything. -- Lenin 124、盛年不重来,一日难再晨。及时当勉励,岁月不待人。——陶渊明 Prime not to - day difficult morning. Timely when encouraged, time waits for no one. -- Tao Yuanming 125、不守时间就是没有道德。——蒙森 To keep time is to have no morals. - Meng Sen 126、时间的步伐有三种:未来姗姗来迟,现在像箭一样飞逝,过往永远静立不动。——席勒 There are three paces of time: the future is like an arrow flies be long in coming, now, the past is always at a standstill. -- Schiller 127、若是年华虚度过,到老容留悔恨心。 If the time lost, to the old shelter or remorse. 128、时间就像海绵里的水只要愿挤总还是有的——鲁迅 Time is like a sponge in the water as long as there is always willing to squeeze - Lu Xun 129、时间比理性创造出更多的皈依者。——汤姆·潘恩 Time creates more converts than reason. -- Tom Paine 130、人生有两出悲剧:一是万念俱灰,另一是踌躇满志。——肖伯纳 There are two tragedies in life: one is the other is smug All thoughts are blasted.. -- Bernard Shaw 131、即使最无足轻重的今天和最无足轻重的昨天相比,也具有现实性这一优势。——叔本华 Even the most insignificant today and the most insignificant compared to yesterday, but also with the reality of this advantage. -- Schopenhauer 132、突如其来的爱情却需要最长久的时间才能治愈。——拉布吕耶尔 All of a sudden love but need the most long time to cure. -- Raab Lui Iyer 133、即将来临的一天,比过去的一年更为悠长。——福尔斯特 The coming day is more than a year in the past. -- Foerster 134、大豆不挤出油,时间不挤白会溜。——佚名 Soy does not squeeze the oil, the time will not be squeezed into the white. I 135、大豆不挤出油,时间不挤白会溜。 Soy does not squeeze the oil, the time will not be squeezed into the white. 136、你和时间开玩笑,它却对你很认真。 You and the time is a joke, it is very serious to you. 137、时间是伟大的作者,她能写出未来的结局。——卓别林 Time is a great writer, and she can write the future. -- Chaplin 138、一切都不是我们的,而是别人的,只有时间是我们的财产。——塞涅卡 Everything is not ours, but the others, only time is our property. -- Seneca 139、上帝绝不会只赋予你使命,而不给你时间去完成。——约·罗斯金 God will never give you the task, but not the time to finish it. -- John Ruskin 140、一人不会活两世,一天没有两个晨。 A man will not live this day, no two morning. 141、赶路赶早不赶晚,时间能挤不能放。 Hurry sooner rather than later, time can not squeeze. 142、普通人只想到如何度过时间,有才能的人设法利用时间。——亚瑟·叔本华 Ordinary people merely think how they shall spend their time, and a man of talent tries to use it. -- Schopenhauer Arthur 143、你热爱生命吗?那么别浪费时间,因为时间构成生命的材料。——富兰克林 Do you love life? Then don't waste time, because time is the material of life. -- Franklin 144、与其花许多时间和精力去凿许多浅井,不如花同样的时间和精力去凿一口深井。——罗曼·罗兰 Instead of spending a lot of time and energy to dig a lot of shallow wells, don't spend the same time and energy to dig a deep well. -- Roman Roland 145、时间像弹簧,可以缩短也可以拉长。——柬埔寨 Time like a spring, you can shorten the time can also be extended. - Kampuchea 146、思想是生命的奴隶,生命是时间的弄人。——莎士比亚 Thought is the life of the slaves, life is the time to get people. -- Shakespeare 147、一日之计在于晨,一岁之计在于春,一生之计在于勤。 One day's plan in the morning, one year old plan is in the spring, the life of the plan is often. 148、时间就像风,稍纵即逝。 Time is like the wind, transient. 149、珍宝丢失了还可以找到,时间丢失了永远找不到。 Treasure lost can also be found, the time lost will never find. 150、错过银钱犹之可,错过光阴无处寻。 Miss money can still miss the time, nowhere to find. 151、一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴。 Time is money, Time is money. 152、完成工作的方法是爱惜每一分钟。——达尔文 The way to do the work is to cherish every minute. -- Darwin 153、要成功一项事业,必须花掉毕生的时间。——列文虎克 To succeed in a business, it must take a lifetime to. -- Leeuwenhoek 154、时间抓起来就是黄金,抓不起来就是流水。 Time to catch up is gold, can not grasp the water. 155、逝者如斯夫,不舍昼夜。——孔子 It passes like this. Schiff, regardless of day and night. -- Confucius 156、内容充实的生命就是长久的生命。我们要以行为而不是以时间来衡量生命。——小塞涅卡 Life is a long life. We should measure life by action, not by time. Little Seneca 157、把握一个今天,胜似两个明天。 One today is worth two tomorrow. 158、时间反复无常,鼓着翅膀飞逝。——贺拉斯 Time is capricious, the wings fly. - Horace 159、做事情拖泥带水是时间被偷。——英国 Do things sloppily is time stolen. - Britain本文地址:时间的名言英文
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